King Abdul Aziz Women’s Charity Association’s Al Barakah Loans Centre
The sections of women who get benefited from this loan centre are women who are from low income group, who are divorced and widowed. The loans centre provides financial support to these women. The sectors which get financial support are clothing, livestock to furniture etc. Centennial Fund
This fund is mainly to support young entrepreneurs. It provides financial support by providing them monetary aid to start their own business.

The Abdul Latif Jameel(ALJ) Community Services Program
This program created 24,772 jobs for women in different parts of Saudi Arabia. The program is mainly for women owners of small projects. It provides interest free loans to these entrepreneurs.

Khadija Bint Khuwailid Centre (JCCI)
The centre’s main aim is to remove obstacles faced by women entrepreneurs and support them with their financial activity. It works towards empowering them both economically and socially so that these women can actively take part in national development.

Bab Rizk Jameel Centre
It is a private institution which was established by the leading entrepreneur Mohammed Abdullatif Jameel in June 2007 in Jeddah. The institution offers advice and financial support for start-ups. The institution provides micro-finance and loans for vocational training of women. It has created 150,000 jobs in the kingdom since its inception.

The local and foreign banks which are offering funds to women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. National Commercial Bank (NCB)
  2. Riyad Bank
  3. Saudi Hollandi Bank
  4. BNP Paribas

These banks have opened ladies-only branches to tap this huge wealth

The funds which provide financial support to women entrepreneurs are:

  1. Al Jawharah Ladies Fund
  2. TNI Dana Women’s Fund