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Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
The foundation has introduced Enterprise Development Programme especially for women entrepreneurs. It creates women’s access to market and resources, delivers business training to women in order to make them financially literate and help them to grow their business and also helps them with business registration procedures. The programme also provides with different types of investment choices to women. The programme also conducts awareness programmes for banks, micro-finance institutions and investment funds so that they make the women understand the market potential and they make their products accordingly.

The Israel Small and Medium Enterprise Authority
This authority came into being in the year 1993 with the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It is a non-profit association and works in collaboration with Government ministries, economic organizations and the public.
The main objectives and functions of the ISMEA are:

    • To fabricate policies which will encourage small and medium-sized businesses and it creates tools for assisting them.
    • To coordinate with all the institutions and bodies which are working to develop these small and medium-sized business.
    • To create local, regional and professional support organizations for entrepreneurs and businessmen and to help and guide them in their activities.
    • To establish funds and other financial instruments for assisting these businesses.
    • To design specialised courses, workshops and seminars with an objective to enable the women entrepreneurs and businesswomen.
    • To collaborate with the local business clubs and municipalities in order to help women carry out with their business propositions. Tel Aviv
It’s an event which takes place once every year and is organized by Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Israel Municipality. Start-ups from 23 different countries come together to compete in a 5 day event and experience the unparallel start-up ecosystem of Tel Aviv. The event takes place between 25th to 29th September. The event offers network opportunities, workshops and lectures from Israelis and international investors as well as industry leaders. This event focuses on women entrepreneurs and it encourages them to take a rightful place in the start-up world.