WEgate platform- Gateway for women’s entrepreneurship
Women’s population in Europe is more than that of men’s but only a 34.4% of the European women are financially independent and 30% has their own businesses. Many believe that women are not very confident and they are apprehensive which keeps them from starting something of their own. Women who dream of starting their own business face hurdles like difficult access to finances, information, business networks training and family support. WEgate tries to assist women in fulfilling their dreams by providing them with networking opportunities, finances and other things they require to start a business. WEgate also acts like an online portal for exchange of information and networking among women entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

The European Community of Women Business Angels and Women Entrepreneurs
This community aims to establish a business friendly environment for both men and women in Europe, it assist entrepreneurship of all kinds and tries to help in the growth of small start-ups. The community also encourages access to new markets and internationalization, heps in the access to finance, supports healthy competitiveness and innovative spirits of young entrepreneurs and also manages some portals which are directed to provide detailed knowledge about entrepreneurship to the ones who wants to know.

WES-the European network to promote women’s entrepreneurship
31 European countries including EU, Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Turkey are its members. The network involves central national governments and institution with the sole aim of promoting women entrepreneurship in Europe. They assist women by providing advice, support, and information and networking opportunities to women entrepreneurs.

The European network of female entrepreneurship ambassadors
The main aim of this network is to hold campaigns that will inspire and motivate women of all ages to become successful entrepreneurs. When these women hear the stories of successful entrepreneurs they also aspire to set up their own businesses.

Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP)
It is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together all organization working to assist women entrepreneurs so that they can exchange ideas and information and also joins hands for uplifting women entrepreneurship in Europe. It is a first point of contact for policy makers, politicians and stakeholders who are directly involved in developing women’s financial status.

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Fund
The fund encourages access to finance for the small business owners through the Financial Risk-Sharing Products or by providing loans with attainable financing terms. The European Investment Fund is the manager of Cyprus Entrepreneurship fund appointed by the Republic of Cyprus. Only small and medium business firms can ask for financial help from the fund.