Dominican Republic

  1. International Youth Foundation

The organisation has been working since 25 years and it believes in the notion that developing the youth of the country can contribute to the development of the country as a whole. It tries to harness the talent and potential of the youth and today around 1.2 billion youth are getting benefitted by the organisation. It prepares partnerships, initiatives and curricula for enhancing the potential of youths so that they can become responsible citizens, employees, entrepreneurs and change makers.

  1. Entrepreneur’s Organization

It is a global peer-to-peer network for business people. It has got more than 12,000 business owners with 170 chapters in 53 countries. it works like a catalyst and enables entrepreneurs to grow and learn for greater success in their businesses. It educates, transforms and inspires entrepreneurs and also offer leadership-development programs online for the entrepreneurs’ forum. It’s a collection of like-minded entrepreneurs who are dedicated on business growth, personal development and community engagement.

  1. The Womanity Foundation

It aims for a world where all women and men have equal and full social, economic and political participation. It empowers girls and women in developing countries and prepares them for future conquests. It accelerates programs for progress in developing countries. The action areas taken up by the organisation is inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goals. It support girls and women’s access to quality education and vocational training, creates employment, revenue generation and professional career opportunities, promotes avenues that give women a voice in society, politics and governance institutions and protects women and girl’s physical and psychological integrity.

  1. Dominica Youth Environment Organisation

It improves the quality of life of the youth of Dominica by giving forward personal development programs and promoting their full involvement in physical and social environment matters. It coordinates activities and network with other organisations in order to assist with the physical needs of the local, regional and international physical environment. It encourages the youths of the country to participate in leadership and training courses. It motivates the youth of the country to actively take part in shaping a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world.