Democratic Republic of Congo

  1. InfoDev: World Bank Group

It is the innovation and entrepreneurship organization supported by World Bank Group. It promotes entrepreneurship in Congo. It acts as an agent of change, reduces inefficiency, creates jobs and boosts economic development in countries under it. It is a multi-donor program that supports entrepreneurs in developing economies. It supports climate, technology, agribusiness and digital entrepreneurs. It also publishes educational resources on topics like crowd funding, angel investing and business incubator management.

  1. Raw Bank: preferred bank for Women Entrepreneurs

The Bank was created by Rawji family who were the pioneers and visionaries. This bank is a financial solution for all entrepreneurs in Congo. It plays a key role in developing the human and economic potential of Congo. The Bank was created for over 85 years and it has a history of continuous investment and development in Congo. The mission of the organisation is to support enterprises in Congo so that they can produce an innovative and high-quality service and it can attract and retain skilled staff.

  1. Federation of National Associations of Women in Business in Eastern and Southern Africa (FEMCOM)

The Federation was established in July 1993 in order to assist women in businesses that are placed in Eastern and Southern Africa. The federation develops women entrepreneurship in this region and it also promotes, encourages and serve the needs of women and their businesses. It connects these women with relevant partners who can help them in doing their business.

  1. The Dianova Network

It looks after the fundamental rights, dignity and worth of all individuals. The services that are dedicated to protect the fundamental rights, dignity and worth of all individuals are of much importance to the organization. It believes in the philosophy that all individuals should be treated with dignity and they should receive support according to their needs and expectations. It develops initiatives and programs with the objective of promoting personal self-reliance and social progress. It combats social challenges like poverty, lack of education, violence and addictions. The organization works with commitment, solidarity, and tolerance and internationally against the problems of the society.

  1. UN Women, Africa

It is dedicated to gender equality and empowerment of women. It works for accelerating progress of women in Africa. It increases women’s leadership and participation and works for ending violence against women. It also works for enhancing women’s economic empowerment and gender equality is on its main agenda. It also helps the government in national development planning and budgeting.

  1. International Youth Foundation

It ensures development of youth through leadership programmes and giving technical and life skill training to earn a livelihood. It provides opportunity to young person who have the potential to achieve and be the change agent in the society. They are trained to become problem-solvers, change-makers and leaders.