Czech Republic

  1. S. Embassy in The Czech Republic

The Embassy advocates for women empowerment in Czech Republic by organizing various programmes and mentorship programs. It organises funds for gender equality and removes various barriers faced by women. It also creates leadership opportunities for women entrepreneurs and combats violence against women. It believes in the power of women and girls worldwide and investing in them is a smart thing to do according to them. The embassy formulates policies for a greater economic growth of the country and to move forward in this mission it requires strengthening women of the country.

  1. Iceland Liechtenstein Norway grants

It represent the contribution of Icelnd, Liechtenstein and Norway in reducing economic and social disparities and strengthening bilateral relations with 15 European countries especially in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltic’s. The grant has two fold objectives of reducing economic and social disparities in Europe and to strengthen bilateral relations with beneficiary countries. The grant also tackle youth unemployment and financial backwardness of women in these 15 European countries.