1. Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative

The rural tourism department of Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative is supporting women entrepreneurs of Cyprus by connecting with different training institutes and networks from all over Europe in order to train these rural women and help with rural tourism in Cyprus. It aims to build skills in women entrepreneurs so that they can get involved in rural tourism activities such as accommodation arts and crafts and food production. An initiative was taken to increase the quality of these training.

  1. Information Portal or Funding Programmes

It is a portal that functions as an information portal which holds central information about all funding programmes in Europe. The main mission behind designing this portal is to facilitate the citizens in identifying the appropriate funding opportunities from the European and national programmes and schemes. It also facilitates direct dissemination of information in relation to the programmes and various calls for proposals. The ultimate objective is to make proper use of available resources from all the European and national funds. This can encourage growth and job creation.

  1. Wegate

It provides the women with access to finance and introduce women entrepreneurs with stakeholders and investors. It provides women entrepreneurs with access to networks and also provides necessary information about the various mentorship programs and workshops on entrepreneurship. It acts like a platform for online networking, exchange and cooperation among aspiring and current women entrepreneurs.

  1. European Women’s Lobby

The Cyprus Women’s Lobby is an umbrella network that constitutes of 16 women’s organisations and NGOs. It was formed in 2008. The main mission of the lobby is promotion of gender equality and women empowerment. It tries to combat all kinds of discrimination and violence against women and tries to ensure full participation and active involvement of women in decision making processes.

  1. South Eastern Europe Women Business Angels Network

The Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industries along with Cyprus Association of Business and Professional Women collaborate together to make South Eastern Europe Women Business Angels Network. It is organised under the European Commission in order to promote development. It works to strengthen international markets, industry, entrepreneurship and SMEs. The main objective of SEEWBAN is to encourage women entrepreneurship in south European countries.—Support-of-Female-Entrepreneurship