1. Fabulous Fempreneurship

It’s a team of female entrepreneurs who tries to embrace, support and mentor women entrepreneurs. The organisation helps women entrepreneurs in all stages of their business. It provides tips and strategies to scale and grow the existing business ventures. It also provides aid to women to start on their own. There is a portal of mentors who give free advice online to women who seek help. The various areas in which the organisation provides help are starting on own business venture, various business ideas, funding sources, mentorship programs, networking, accounting, book keeping and social media.

  1. Deutscher Volkshochshul-Verband International

It’s an adult education association that caters the educational needs of above 900 adult education centres in Central America and Cuba. The organisation started its services in Cuba from 2002 in collaboration with Asociacion de Pedagogos. It trains teachers, women and adults who are in need of training. It works towards human rights, strategies for solidarity economy, food sovereignty and environmental protection. It works in the region where there is a lot of disparity in educational opportunities.

  1. Socialfix

The organisation provides its clients with lead generation, video production, a solid omni-channel strategy and strategic conversion optimization for promoting their projects. It helps every small and big business ventures in their promotion. It also provides investment advisor for entrepreneurs so that they can invest the capital in resourceful manner. It is a company of entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurs. The company serves as brand architects, digital engineers and content developers.

  1. Engage Cuba Coalition

It is a coalition of private companies and organisations that are working for ending the trade blockage in Cuba. The coalition tries to bring in support to the country so that business in Cuba can get facilitated. It tries to build a relationship between U.S businesses and Cuba and lobbying Congress in order to lift the blockage. Engage Cuba tries to bring in change through advocacy, access, policy and state outreach programs.