1. Anike Foundation: Developing Education in Africa

The organization fights against poverty and strongly believes that the main cause of poverty is mass illiteracy. Thus it aims to literate people so that it can fight against poverty and low standard of living. It believes in dignity of all people, to provide opportunities to people and expects them to contribute in the economy of the country and aims to make Africa a better place to live in.

  1. Dianova: Learn Grow Achieve

The organisation is committed to fundamental rights, dignity and worth of all individuals. It looks to it that all services are delivered to users who are in need and they are treated with dignity and consideration and they receive the necessary support for achieving their goals.

  1. Action KIVU

The organisation helps women and children and backward communities of Congo by providing them with vocational training and education. It aims towards peace and prosperity of Congo. The vocational programmes that are provided are workshops in sewing, basket making, agricultural training, animal husbandry and various literacy programmes. They help women to acquire necessary skills so that they can work and become independent.

  1. Make Every Woman Count

It is an organisation that is dedicated in mobilizing, networking, information, advocacy and training of African women. It strengthens the voice of African women and provides them with the right to exercise advocacy. It also acts as an online portal that provides information, resources and guidance to women’s organisations, grassroots movements and activists working on the ground to empower women and girls.

  1. UN Women-Africa

The project under UN Women that is running in Africa supports human development for youth through decent employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the vulnerable youth between the ages of 15 to 29. It provides skill training programmes that again helps in employability, self-employment and also provides financial support through credit cooperatives, rural savings and a seed fund. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in America and thus the population under poverty level is about 72%. The condition in rural areas is quite serious. Hence the basic goals of the programme is to increase the capacity to place young men and women who are vulnerable and have a high migratory potential, to strengthen the national and local institutional frameworks for the promotion of decent employment of youth and also to strengthen the leadership capacity, ties and identify young men and women who can participate in local development.

  1. Lioness of Africa

It is an online community of women entrepreneurs in Africa who can connect with each other to share stories, their knowledge, skills, and best practices and inspire each other to excel in their respective businesses. It is a community of women entrepreneurs who help each other to gain insight to their problems they are facing in business.

  1. International Youth Foundation

In Congo it has done ground research of positive youth development and has developed practical insights to the problem. It supports the Congolese youth by providing them with educational and employment opportunities. It also conducts research about employment, education, health, civic/political, participation, gender and conflict.

  1. Fair Congo Foundation

It is an initiative which was launched in 2017 by the Chamber Federation which is again an US based impact investment firm working in the area of artisanal and small scale mining. It supplies chains of natural resource based products from the DRC, including minerals, timber and agricultural commodities which are produced and exported in a transparent, legal and sustainable manner while providing a fair-trade value to the communities who produce them.