1. Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE)

CORE helps the young population of Columbia with their start-up ventures. They conduct various training programmes for the fresh graduates, they provide resources and support to student entrepreneurs. They also have intercollegiate programs that helps connect with other organization with the same goal. It also offers internship and mentorship programs to various aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. Women’s Entrepreneurship Network

The network connects, serves and accelerates growth of young women owned business ventures. It also works towards empowerment of women and assist women to achieve financial independence. It is all set to develop a mentor ecosystem which will support and train women in business. It will also provide women with access to capital and funds.

  1. Women Founders @ Columbia (WFC)

It is a network of highly motivated women entrepreneurs who are affiliated with 21 schools of Columbia University. They explore the expertise and innovation coming from all sectors of the university. The network believes in women supporting women. The network is supported by Athena Centre for Leadership Studies and in collaboration with Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Centre and Columbia Journalism School Women in Media. It mainly aims connection of women entrepreneurs across and beyond campus.

  1. Barnard College (Columbia University)

The college was founded in 1889 and it has a distinctive name in higher education. It offers rigorous liberal arts foundation to young women who are ambitious and exuberant as compared to others in the same age group. The college provides and unique learning environment. The classes are small and in collaborative liberal arts setting which are dedicated to the advancement of women with the vast resources of Columbia University.

  1. National Organization for Women Foundation (NOW)

The organization is dedicated to achieve equality for all women in the context of education and litigation. It focuses on many women issues like economic justice, pay equity, racial discrimination, women’s health and body image, women with disability, reproductive rights and justice, family law, marriage and family formation rights of same sex couples, representation of women in the media and global feminist issues. It is the largest feminist grassroots organisation in the US.

  1. National Women’s Business Council

This council is the only independent voice for women entrepreneurs and also a government body. The members of the council are prominent and leading women entrepreneurs. The council has 15 members who are appointed to three years term. The 15 members include

  • A presidentially-appointed chair
  • Eight women business owners or chief executives, half in the political party of the US president and half who are not
  • Six representatives of national women’s business organizations which are Associations of Women’s Business Centres, Astia, National Association for Women Business Owners, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, Women Impacting Public Policy and Women President’s Organization.

  1. Columbia Business School

The Columbia Business School provides business students a daily access to influential industry leaders. The faculty members are quite renowned and are leaders in their fields. Groundbreaking research activities are carried out in the university providing the students greater opportunities. The school is dedicated to creating leaders and builders of enterprises. The various programs that are offered to students are MBA, PhD and Executive Education programs. The tagline of the business school gives a clear idea of the mission statement of the school; it says “At the Very Centre of Business”.

  1. National Association of Professional Women (NAPW)

It is the largest and most popular association of professional women in Columbia which has above 850,000 members and over 200 local chapters. The women under NAPW have diverse backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives and lifestyles but they have only one common bond of ability to succeed. It is a networking forum for successful women executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. The tagline clearly says “Aspire, Connect and Achieve”. To sign up click on the below given link:

  1. Meetup

The website believes in the idea of getting together and hence this is a social meet-up site where people can plan a meet-up or join a meet-up happening near them. It popularly believes in the idea that when people meet-up to discuss something then side hustles can become careers, ideas can become movements and chance encounters can become lifelong connections. It believes in the idea of building communities that can enhance the capabilities and skills of its people. Meet-ups can be of career and business, it can be social, and it can be related to fashion and beauty or about hobbies and craft. Anything that is enriching and can benefit individual lives can initiate a meet-up. To now more click on the URL given below:

  1. Women’s Right & Empowerment Network

It is a South Carolina-based network for building a movement to advance the health, economic well-being and rights of South Carolina’s women, girls and their families. It aims to provide collective voice for the women and girls of South Carolina. It advocates various policies and laws that can uplift the status of women and girls, it educates women on issues that affect women, and it empowers women and supports them in building capacities for entrepreneurial growth and also builds coalitions of organizations, businesses and individuals who aspire to improve opportunities for South Carolinians.

  1. Women In Science At Columbia

It is a graduate student organization that is aimed at advancement of women and underrepresented groups in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. The members are either pursuing or have advanced degrees in STEM fields and are looking forward to different career paths in the same.