1. The Asia Foundation

It is a non profit international development organisation which is committed in improving and developing lives in Asia. It strengthens the governance, empowers women, creates more economic opportunities and increases economic opportunities in Asian countries. It also increases environmental resilience and promotes regional cooperation. The foundation receives funding from a various multilateral development agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals.

  1. British Council

It is the UK’s international organisation that provides cultural relations and educational opportunities. It creates friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of UK and other countries. The organisation makes a positive contribution in UK and other countries that it works with by creating more opportunities for them to work and build connections and gaining trust of people. It offers opportunities to people to gain experience in work and develop skills in international cultural relations.

  1. The Way Women Work

This organisation is for the business leaders who aim high and thrive more for success. It provides equal footing to both men and women who are in business. The organisation provides training to women. The organisation paves way for the success-minded men and women and provides them with new ways of work so that they can lead their nation together. The organisation organises talent of women and believe in lifting the pool of talent.

  1. Council on Foreign Relations

The organisation works about gender equality in women’s business and entrepreneurship. It calls for an optimistic environment for women entrepreneurs and business in China. It believes that gender equality and women empowerment is an instrument to developing the nation’s economy.

  1. Fair Observer

The organisation informs and educates the global citizens who want to make a difference in the world. It is a non-profit media organisation that educates citizen through journaling and teaching programs. They have various training programs for the students, young professionals and business executives in subjects like journalism, geopolitics, the global economy, diversity and more.

  1. All-China Women’s Federation

The organisation was founded on 3rd of April, 1949. It is a mass organization that unites the women of China and the other ethnic groups so that they can thrive better and contribute together in the development of their nation. The organisation upholds the rights of women in order to provide equality between men and women.

  1. Malaysian Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Foundation (MCWEF)

This was founded by the honourable Tan Sri Dato’ Lim Soon Peng who visited several rural places with some Chinese group representatives or non-governmental organizations. Many of the poor are usually women or single mothers, and they requested the government to give them some form of assistance.MCWEF’s vision is to provide new business opportunities and micro loans to Malaysian Chinese Women for the purpose of starting new businesses or expanding existing business. The main goal is to improve the economic status of this particular group for the betterment of their future. And their mission is to provide micro loans between RM 5,000 to RM 10,000 for Malaysian Chinese Women interested to become entrepreneurs, provide free counselling services and help these women expand their existing business.

  1. ANT Credit

Ant Credit, is an Alibaba Group-affiliated company that provides micro online loans to small businesses, to expand financing for women entrepreneurs in China.The members of the partnership called their effort the “first Internet-based gender-finance program in China.” Ant Credit vets the creditworthiness of small-business borrowers based on data gleaned from their online transactions and behavior.Ant Credit plans to use the new funding so that women small-business owners, who often face difficulties getting loans from conventional lenders in China, can finance their online businesses. Ant Financial is related to e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, which among other Internet businesses runs China’s largest online-shopping platforms

  1. Taobao Marketplace and

Many of Ant Credit’s existing clients are women who run businesses on Taobao and Tmall. Ant Credit officials estimated that half of women-owned businesses active on those market places are eligible for micro loans from Ant Credit.

  1. Women Entrepreneurs and Innovation Action

This is the 1st Tech Incubator for Chinese Women Boosts ‘She-Economy’. Amid the current trend of growing female entrepreneurship, China’s first technology incubator for women, TechBase, was officially launched in December 2015.