1. National Women’s Service (SERNAM)

It is a decentralised organisation which has its own funding. The organization mainly works to protect rights of women and fights for gender equality. It was established on 3rd of January 1991. It works to provide women with equal rights and opportunities at par with men socially, economically and politically. There are 13 regional directorships of SERNAM in Chile with its headquarters in the capital city.

  1. Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (BANCA)

This organisation started in the year 1945 and now has 36 members including 24 local banks and 12 foreign banks with Chilean branches. The organisation works to strengthen relations among members. It also conducts research studies that can liberate the member banks so that they can contribute to the development of Chile. It encourages women’s participation in banking.

  1. Family Business Network (FBN)

This network works to build connections between family-owned businesses. It provides training and insurance benefits to enterprises that are family –owned and mainly managed by women. It motivates women to participate actively in family owned business ventures and work as c-owners.

  1. Federation of Chilean Industry (SOFOFA)

This federation represents the industrial sector of Chile. It works towards more and more female participation in the industrial sector. This association was established in the 19th century and presently it has 2,500 member companies, 39 sector associations and 8 regional entrepreneurship unions. The federation encourages integration of women-owned enterprises and motivates women to take up management and executive positions in the industrial sectors.

  1. Mujeres Empresarias (Women Entrepreneurs)

It is an association of women entrepreneurs that was established in 2001 but presently it is a large group that constitutes formal and growth-oriented firm owners who are under the age of 35. The association supports women owned enterprises by helping them to connect with government-sponsored funding opportunities and other support services which includes training and mentoring. It is formally linked with WEConnect International.

  1. National Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises Trade Unions (CONUPIA)

This federation was established in the year 1966 and it provides networking and training opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in Chile. 75% of entrepreneurs who joins the training courses are women.

  1. International and National Finance for Women (FINAM)

It is a non-profit that helps women to take advantage of Chile’s economic advances. The non-profit is affiliated with Women’s World Banking. It provides training in business skills to strengthen women in business and boost their confidence. It also supports network of women leaders and professionals in productive activities.

  1. Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders (GWEL) Scorecard

This is sponsored by Dell Inc. and produced by ACG Inc. this is a diagnostic tool that recognises the ways to highly impact women entrepreneurships and also devices actionable ways to highly impact female entrepreneurship development.

  1. WEConnect International

This is a private organisation that trains, registers and certifies women owned business enterprises. It takes care of the enterprises that are at least 51% owned by women or managed by one or more women.