1. African Development Bank Group

The main mission of this group is to maintain sustainable economic development and social progress in Africa. It moves forward with the activities like mobilizing and allocating resources to the member countries and provides policy advice and technical assistance to help the development efforts. Its mission includes ending poverty, ending hunger and providing food security. It also wants to ensure healthy lives and promotes well-being of people. One of the very important goals includes empowering women and achieving gender equality in the member countries. It provides opportunities to women to empower them both socially and economically.

  1. Action Against Hunger

It has been working in Africa for more than 40 years and it leads the global fight against hunger. It dedicates its works in saving lives of children and their families by giving them a stable economic platform and lifts them from poverty. Its main mission is to end hunger and fight against poverty. Hence it creates employment opportunities for the poor and open more avenues for earning among the poor and destitute. It provides resources to the people in need so that they can engage themselves in sustainable income generating activities.

  1. ACCORD, Chad

The main mission of the organisation is to create an equitable society where everyone gets equal opportunities to earn a stable income or open their own business. It safeguards people’s rights and implements programmes for developing communities in over 17 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The issues it takes over are livelihood, women’s rights, peace building and safeguard the rights to health, HIV/AIDS.

  1. Africare

It is one of the most experienced and largest non-profit organisations that work in the area of development assistance in Africa. It provides assistance to men and women so that active participation can be achieved for capacity building and institutional strengthening. It covers around 36 countries in Africa. It started its work in Chad in 1973 and officially was introduced in 1983. The issues it works on in Chad are agriculture and food security, community capacity building, credit and microcredit, health, HIV/AIDS, natural resource management, private sector capacity strengthening, surface water management, water and sanitation and women’s empowerment.

  1. Chad Relief Foundation

It was established in April, 2007 and is dedicated in developing the living standards of people in Chad. It provides extensive attention to people living in refugee camps. The activities are financed by Santa Barbara, California. The organisation is partnered with United Nations, CARE International, ACRA, COOPI and other local organisations like Lutheran World Federation. The organisation is dedicated in collecting relief funds and providing earning opportunities for the people living in refugee camps.

  1. Make Every Woman Count

The organisation empowers African girls and women by promoting their rights, providing them with income-generating opportunities and advocating social inclusion. The organisation serves as mobilizing agency, networking agent, information provider, advocating agency and training platform. It strengthens the voice of women so that they can raise their voice in promoting African women’s rights.