Caribbean Islands

  1. WE Connect International

It is a global network that connects all women-owned business to potential buyers all around the world. The only mission of the network is to assist the women entrepreneurs with their sales globally. It identifies, educates, registers and certifies women led business enterprises that are situated outside US and owned by women or controlled and managed by one or more women. it connects these business enterprises with multinational corporate buyers.

  1. The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation

It was established in the year 1993 and is a registered body in the Public Registry Foundation under number 1076. In the year 1998, the Office of the Women’s Business Group was established as executive arm of the foundation. From the year 1998 till 2003 it was a partner body of NOVIB OXFAM HOLLAND. Today it is a fully self supportive body. It is a regional organization that is solely dedicated in development of NGOs in Caribbean region. It also campaigns for change on various human rights issues in the region.