1. Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC)

The organization caters to business women’s needs by providing them with programs and services that can help in growing and setting up of their businesses. The organisation is solely dedicated to working for the women business owners of Canada. It thrives to bring enhanced success to women entrepreneurs of Canada. Canada is one of the strongest economies that have highest levels of female entrepreneurs in the world. Canada believes that supporting women entrepreneurial ventures can be a development strategy for the economy. The organisation aids Canada government in its venture. It creates linkages with other organisations that have the same motive. It designs high quality programs, services and resources for women entrepreneurs and also gathers and shares knowledge and expertise with the members of the organisation. The mission of the organisation is to support and promote women innovators.

  1. Canada Business Network

This network provides the entrepreneurs and the individuals who are interested in starting their own ventures with information and resources required to start or grow their own business. The page also has links to programs and business support organisations that work especially for women entrepreneurs in Canada. It has got information related to Financers, Support organisations, Business planning, Starting, Managing, Regulation and Taxation and Success stories to keep the women entrepreneurs motivated.

  1. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

The network contains information about various programs, organisations and association that support entrepreneurs in carrying out their trade. The list of networks and associations for business women in Canada and world-wide is named as Women’s Business Network and Associations. This list contains all necessary information about the networks and associations along with the funding programs, trade missions and events, tips from experienced business women, resource diary for business women, supplier diversity, funding opportunities and all other necessary information that a woman may require to start their own business or grow their business ventures. So you can export, innovate, invest and educate yourself from this trade service if you are planning to start on your own or grow your existing venture.

  1. Women’s Enterprise Centre

As the tagline clearly says “Realize your business potential”, it is a leading business resource for the aspiring women of Canada. Women who aspire to become an entrepreneur or women who are successful entrepreneurs can gain a lot from this centre. It provides loans up to $150k, business skill training, personalised business advice, mentoring, practical business resources and a supportive community in order to aid women business owners to learn their skills, create a mindset and realize their own business potential. It also helps the women with financing and networking facilities. The centre conducts free webinars for skill development of business women.

  1. Women of Influence

This is a non-governmental organisation that helps in the advancement of professional women. It produces inspiring, progressive and celebratory events across the country. It tries to connect professional women with mentors and other likeminded people who can help them in their path to success. You can connect with other professional women, entertain clients and stakeholders, reward and inspire employees, gain insight on advancing your career with the help of “Women of Influence”.

  1. Business Development bank of Canada and Women’s Enterprise Organisations of Canada: More for Women Entrepreneurs

It is a pioneering project of Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and Women’s Enterprise Organisations of Canada (WEOC) in order to provide better support to women entrepreneurs of Canada. The partnership will allow BDC to engage with five WEOC member organisations is a more effective manner in order to help 90,000 women business owners and also the members of WEOC to grow. WEOC member organizations provide learning and networking opportunities, management advice and coaching for women entrepreneurs. This partnership will help the business women who have optimized their business plan a better chance to get financed by BDC.

  1. Women Entrepreneurs Connecting and Networking (WECAN)

This is a community of women in business which helps in creating opportunities in order to grow both personally and professionally. This organisation celebrates growth of business women and motivates them through real life stories and experiences of real pioneers. It encourages more and more women to join the business community and ignite their entrepreneurial spirits. The goals of the organisation is to celebrate success, showcase true entrepreneurial spirits, bring together like minded women to teach, support and inspire each other and provide a forum for learning and discussion in an environment of likeminded and dynamic women.

  1. Start-up Canada

Start-up Canada and Dell Canada have come together to introduce a Start-up Canada Women Entrepreneurship Fund which funds high-impact, grassroots initiatives in Canada. It also helps in the advancement of women entrepreneurs through education, investment, mentorship and access to growth opportunity. This fund will enable entrepreneurial ventures that are owned by women to mobilize and also will create an entrepreneurial environment that will encourage and empower the aspiring women entrepreneurs.

  1. Alberta Women Entrepreneurs

It is a non-profit organisation that helps in enabling women to build their own successful businesses. It provides unique programs and services to women of all stages of business development through activities like advising, financing, mentoring and skills and network development. The organisation provides programs for starting, building and growing business.