1. Kah Walla

Kah Walla is a Cameroonian Entrepreneur who was recognized by the World Bank as one of the seven entrepreneurs who are working to improve the business environment in Africa. She is among the 150 women who are responsible to create New Africa and one of the most important Africans. She is the CEO of Strategies which is known for producing leaders who have become entrepreneurs. Many of these women are CEOs of leading multinational companies in Africa. She is responsible for creating environments that enable leadership to emerge and grow.

  1. Orange Foundation

The organisation is known for its philanthropic activities and social responsibilities. Its commitment areas include healthcare, visual and hearing impairment, education, combating illiteracy and education for girls in developing countries. It has been working in developing countries since 30 years. It develops projects that carries out programmes in the developing areas in Africa and these projects are subject to legal agreement, monitoring and evaluation.

  1. Bloom Venture Catalyst

It is a crowd funding agency that has been working since 2010. Amanda Boyle is the founder and the organisation tries to fulfil the funding gap for start-ups. 48% of the projects that are funded are led by women. It believes in harnessing the power of the crowd.

  1. The Schwab Foundation

The organisation assists social entrepreneurship and provides a platform to the development organisations both at regional and global level. It projects a leading model of sustainable social innovation. It assists the social entrepreneurs so that they can engage in shaping global, regional and industry agendas that can improve the country.

  1. MBENG ADIO Mushroom Farm Outreach Initiative

Bridget Mbu Mbeng took up mushroom farming where mushrooms were cultivated in controlled environment. She empowered Cameroonian women by involving them in farming activities. These women were economically empowered through farming activities. MAMF trained around 1500 women on the process of mushroom cultivation. MAMF’s only aim was to change the lives of these women for better. This farm is registered as a Common Initiative Group in 2012. MAMF is the largest producer of mushrooms in Cameroon and Central Africa.

  1. Women Initiative Development Cooperative Organisation (WIDCO)

The organisation was established in 1990 and it is an organisation that backed women struggle in Cameroon and Africa as a whole. It provides support for non-governmental organisations and international organisations that put a foot forward in women’s empowerment activities. The organisation provides a breathing space to women in the patriarchal society of Africa by empowering them both financially and socially. The organisation believes that developing and improving the status of women and develops the living standards of people in Africa.

  1. Your Commonwealth: the youth perspective

The organisation was created by youth and the students who are emerging leaders. It is a voice of young people in Commonwealth countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, Europe and the Pacific. The members who manage the organisation age from 15 to 29 years. The organization aims at social development, economic development, youth policy development and other youth development activities in Africa.