1. Start Some Good

Project: Support Female Entrepreneurs in Cambodia

This project is to denote higher value on female life and it work against the gender bias and gender imbalances. It provides equal opportunities to both men and women to come out of poverty. It also fights against gender based violence. It assists people to get employment at the time of crisis and encourages women to get involved in the labour market.

  1. SHE Investments

The organisation believes in supporting women by providing them with opportunities and investing in their development. It creates a social and economic impact in the communities of developing countries by creating a difference among women. It acts like a catalyst for various income generation activities and employment for the women and also tries to clear the gender gap in business and entrepreneurship.

  1. Sustainable Development Goals Fund

It is an international multi-donor and multi-agency development mechanism that is supported by United Nations. It supports the sustainable goals created by United Nations and it reaches the various goals through multidimensional joint programs. It addresses the various UN agencies, national governments, academia, civil societies and businesses. It works against poverty and several related issues. It also develops public-private partnerships.

  1. Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia

The association was started in September 2009 and it is a group of compassionate and energetic entrepreneurs who belong to various sectors of business. It is a non-governmental organisation that empowers and assists young entrepreneurs. It creates a platform for these entrepreneurs where they can help these entrepreneurs in networking opportunities, sharing and learning, synergizing business opportunities and contribute in productive employment. It also helps in economic development of a country and builds the next generation economy for Cambodia. The only objective of the association is advancement of the country’s economy through entrepreneurship.