1. ESSEX Business School

The business school has given Trickle Out Project in Eastern and Southern Africa that is a research project for knowing in detail about the social enterprises and environmental enterprises in the region. The project was initiated to lay down policies and developmental measure for fighting against poverty in Eastern and Southern Africa. The project has researchers from Essex Business School, Sheffield University Management School and University of Sheffield. It has got a project diary to list down the various Social Enterprises and Environmental Enterprises and Support Organisation that work for people’s benefit in these regions.


  1. SPARK

The organisation develops higher education and entrepreneurship among young and highly aspirant youth so that they can transform post-conflict societies with some degrees of prosperity and economic growth. It lays down variety of higher education and entrepreneurship development programmes and projects keeping in mind the needs of people of the region concerned. It aims at sustainable development, economic growth and fight against poverty.


  1. Make Every Woman Count

The organisation empowers African girls and women by promoting their rights, providing them with income-generating opportunities and advocating social inclusion. The organisation serves as mobilizing agency, networking agent, information provider, advocating agency and training platform. It strengthens the voice of women so that they can raise their voice in promoting African women’s rights.


  1. Comesa Business Council

It is a business member organisation that strengthens the private sector institution of Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). It acts as a voice for the private sector with an objective to join hands with the government and lay down developmental policies for improvement of private sector policies. It aims to create linkages, provide business support services and strengthen business competitiveness in the COMESA region.


  1. Women and Trade

The organisation aims towards women’s economic empowerment because it believes that when women are empowered then they can strengthen the economy of the country. It provides strategic interventions towards women and improves the lives of women who are included in the target groups of the organisation. The organisation is active in its action in African countries which are Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. In Burundi it enhances the quality and quantity of women labour force in agricultural sector escalating the socio-economic growth of the region.