Burkina Faso

  1. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

The main aim of this United Nations organisation is to spread peace globally through education, science and culture. It fabricates programmes and activities that fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals given by United Nations. It develops educational tools in order to increase the quality of education. It maintains peace between nations and formulates scientific programs and policies for the nation’s development and to strengthen the cooperation between nations. It helps its member countries to adopt international standards and manages programs which help them to participate in free flow of ideas and knowledge sharing.


  1. Blessed to Give

The organisation serves as a ray of light in the darkest of slums of Africa. It is a family foundation that serves as a orphanage in African slums. The foundation adopts the children who lost their parents to AIDS, post-electoral violence and domestic abuse. It feeds them, nurtures them and educates them to become successful individuals in the society. The organisation’s aim is to facilitate holistic care for the marginalised, traumatised and impoverished population with a special focus on children.


  1. Relief Web

It is a humanitarian information source at the time of disaster and crises. It is a specialised digital service of the UN office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). It provides reliable and up-to-date information for keeping the humanitarian workers informed and plan their activities for relief of people accordingly. It also provides valuable information regarding job listings and training programs and helps people build new skills for discovering new and exciting career opportunities in both business and employment sectors.


  1. Food and Business: knowledge Platform

It provides knowledge regarding food and nutrition security and connects people and business, science, civil society and policy for creating the exchange and use of knowledge regarding ecologically sustainable food system together. It is a platform that brings together organizations and networks from all across the globe for supporting activities and programmes towards a sustainable food eco-system. It aims towards creation of better policies and practices on food and nutrition security.


  1. Technoserve: Business solutions to poverty

Its mission is to lift people from poverty by giving them innovative and affordable business solutions. It aims to create sustainable change in people’s life through business. It mainly works with people who are involved in enterprising or people who wants to set up their own business in order to create a competitive business environment. Technoserve has been working with the same mission and impacting lives for more than 50 years now.


  1. International Trade centre

It has a special task to adhere to in Burkina Faso. It develops the trade of onion farmers; assist the agri-entrepreneurs, develops and provides access to export opportunities and help the businesswomen to get access to trade through various ways. It promotes women’s groups and private enterprises managed and owned by them. It is specialised in business related services and increases access of business men and women to global markets.


  1. FundsforNGOs

It is a social enterprise which aims to increase the sustainability of NGOs across the world. It provides technical supports in spreading knowledge from fundraising experts to NGOs around the world and holds capacity building programmes for these NGOs. It also acts like a funding organization and write proposals in order to provide resources to NGOs.