British Virgin Islands & United States of Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands:

  1. Virgin Group

It is a family owned growth capital investor, with a globally recognised and respected brand. It focuses on the core consumer sectors of Travel and Leisure, Telecoms and Media, Music and Entertainment, Financial Services and Health and Wellness. The Virgin group invests in these sectors and provides capital to these businesses. It also seeks new investment opportunities and partners with like-minded investors. It tries to create a base by understanding the consumer behaviour, brands and marketing and also creates strong network of investors, management teams and alumni.

  1. Ernst and Young: Building a better working world

The organisation is committed to building a better working world by gaining increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its form and greater collaboration. It connects with likeminded organisations and individuals. It works on the principal “When business works better, the world works better”.

United States of Virgin Islands:

  1. Women’s Business Networks and Associations

The portal consists of various associations and organisations that help women entrepreneurs in growing their businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a resource directory of women entrepreneurs. The portal contains funding information and training related details.

  1. The World Bank

On the occasion of G20 leaders’ summit, the World Bank Group has announced $1 billion in advancement of women entrepreneurship in developing countries in the year 2017. The finance will be utilised in increasing access of women entrepreneurs to the finance, markets and networks necessary to start and grow a business.

  1. Empower Women

It is a dynamic platform for improving the sharing of evidence, experiences and good practices on women’s economic empowerment. It is an online platform developed by both UN Women and Canada for women’s economic empowerment. It is a knowledge gateway for the women entrepreneurs.