1. Womanity Foundation

The Foundation aims towards equality in social, economic and political participation of both men and women. it empowers girls and women living in developing countries in order to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities. It tries to provide girls and women with quality education and vocational training. It creates employment, revenue generation and professional career opportunities for women. It provides women with an empowered voice in society, politics and governance institutions.

  1. Empower Women (Unilever Brazil)

The organization aims to empower women economically. Empower Women is a global movement with more than half a million viewers. Many ambitious women and men from the private sector, civil society, and academic sector of more than 198 countries are part of this movement. The movement aims at economic empowerment of women. There are around 239 organizations around the world working together for the success of this movement. The movement was started in the international conference held in Ottawa Canada in October 2011 hosted by UN women. The conference had 100 global experts, entrepreneurs, policy makers, development practitioners, academics and business and industry leaders. Since then the movement is active in developing countries and many organizations are working together under this movement.

Unilever Brazil is working in Brazil under this movement. Unilever came to Brazil 87 years back and Unilever products are consumed in more than 46 million Brazilian homes every month. 51.1% of leadership positions in Unilever are occupied by women. The organization has promoted importance of gender equality through various internal and external initiatives.

  1. International Trade Centre

The organization is fully dedicated to internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises. The organization enables SMEs in developing countries so that they can become more competitive and they can connect to international markets for trade and investments. It not only raises incomes but also create employment opportunities for women, young people and poor communities in developing countries. It was established in 1964 and it has association with World Trade Organization and the United Nations. The main goals include strengthening the business sector of developing economies and inclusion of these economies into the global economy.

  1. Endeavour Brazil

The organization was founded in 2000 and the first office in the city was the economic centre of the country. It opened its second office in Rio de Janeiro in 2005. It is a non-profit organization, it selects the entrepreneurs who are potential enough and are ambitious and help them to start their own start-up. It is a leading high-impact entrepreneurship movement all around the world. It helps in long-term economic growth of the country by mentoring and accelerating best high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide.

  1. Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global (WEGG)

The organization was set up in February 2008, it is a non-profit organization that aims to assist businesswoman who are working locally and have limited means to go global. It educates business women and entrepreneurs not only in Brazil but worldwide and help them to grow globally. The organization helps them to expand their businesses and grow economically through their business ventures.

  1. Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

The network helps entrepreneurs in Brazil to grow and it assist the small and growing business ecosystem. The members of the network include foundations, universities, accelerators, incubators, investment funds, researchers, government agencies and corporations that support small and growing business. The members are provided with specialised training and specialised knowledge is imparted about the field they are working in, they are also helped with various networking opportunities and partnerships are encouraged.

  1. Secretariat of Industrial Development and Competitiveness (SDCI)

It is the prime government body that elaborates, manage and monitors the government policies given for industrial development. It works for developing business environment and industrial competitiveness. It strengthens industrial development by inserting competitive stimulus to the business sector.

  1. Secretariat of Foreign Trade

It implements, develops and monitors foreign trade policies and programs. It is also responsible for setting standards and procedures so that the policies are implemented in right manner and benefits the business sector of Brazil. It also sees to it that the international trade of Brazil runs smoothly.

  1. Secretariat of Innovation and New Businesses

It connects the public policies on innovation with private sector demands which focuses on entrepreneurship and technology innovation. The secretariat works for development of entrepreneurship and technology innovation. It promotes innovation through various mechanisms. It also supports competitiveness of goods and services.

  1. International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)

IFC will invest $470 million to strengthen the financial access for women-owned business in Brazil. According to surveys conducted by IFC more than 40 percent of businesses which are registered in Latin America and Caribbean are owned by women but the credit gap is quite high and this credit-gap is highest in Brazil. Women face financial constraints in expanding their business. IFC has also decided to lend advisory services to SMEs owned by women.

  1. Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV)

It is a Brazilian higher education institution which was started in 20th December 1944. It offers courses like Economics, Business Administration, Law, Social Sciences and Information Technology. It is providing entrepreneurship training to underserved women entrepreneurs in form of lectures, consultancy, mentoring, networking events, fairs and chats. It has already served 350 women who were passed by the program.

  1. Goldman Sachs

It is an American multinational finance company that takes part in global investment banking, investment management, securities and other financial services. Goldman Sachs in collaboration with FGV funded the training program for underserved women entrepreneurs which helped them to grow their business. The project started in the year 2008 and Goldman Sachs has got quite a clear visibility in global market with the success of this project in Brazil.