1. Tokafala: Real Enterprise. Real Growth

The organisation assists the micro, small and medium enterprises in Botswana in order to help them grow their businesses. It also assists the aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to set up their business. It provides mentoring and advices to the business owners for developing their business, it helps clients to evaluate their financing needs and builds financial models and prepare loan applications, markets access support and helps enterprises establish linkages to potential buyers.

  1. Women in Business Association, Botswana

It is a non-profit organisation that was formed in 1990. It aims to help the small-scale businesswomen. It was seen that the businesswomen in Botswana had no forum of their own and thus sharing and exchange of ideas among each other was missing. This came in the way of growth of the businesswomen. Hence this association was formed. This association came into being in the year 1990 but became an official registered NGO in 2003. The organisation fulfils businesswomen’s networking needs and also helps them with exchange of ideas and knowledge.

  1. Pan African News Agency (PANAPRESS)

It is a source of necessary information for the investors who wants to invest in business of Africa. It also acts as means of communication for them. It helps in networking, provides necessary information about business, technology, politics, gender, health, sports, environment and culture.

  1. Lioness of Africa

It is a portal for women entrepreneurs where they celebrate with their success stories, exchange motivating stories, networks with other women and investors and also learn from likeminded people. The portal is an inspiring ground for all women who are in business or who want to become entrepreneurs. It is also a mentoring platform for the next generation women led start-ups in Africa.

  1. Women’s NGO Coalition

It is an association of NGOs and non-profit organisations that work for women empowerment with the activities that collaborates, coordinates, networks and builds capacity of women. It also advocates solidarity and associations among these NGOs. The main aim of this NGO is to build up association between the NGOs so that they can work by joining hands together and move forward with the same mission and vision.