1. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

It helps business environment to flourish in Europe through financial investments, business services and involvement in high-level policy reform. It promotes entrepreneurship and changes lives. It has got a consistent goal of fostering and developing market economies whilst promoting innovation, growth, inclusion and transparency. The project that runs in Bosnia is named MI-BOSPO and it is active in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a 3 million Euro worth project that assist small business in Bosnia to develop and flourish. The project mainly focuses on female entrepreneurs. It works with women who had lost their homes in war and helps them to move on with life. It uses financial aid to support families so that they can be economically sound. It helps skilled women to earn money so that they can begin a new life after war.

  1. Intera Technology Park

It is a not for profit organization that aims to encourage and support development in economic sector. It aims to achieve economic development through innovations in technology and by making the markets more competitive. This mission is served by promoting entrepreneurship, support and incubation of start-up companies, providing education, networking companies and academia. It acts as a meeting point for local and foreign companies, a place of concentration of knowledge and ideas, exchange of information and encouraging local potential.

  1. The Association of businesswomen

The association connects businesswomen who are residing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It provides expert advice on how to start or grow a business. It provides educational and training opportunities. It creates a profile for women in the workplace and strengthens their negotiating position. It also aims to overcome stereotype and stigma associated with female entrepreneurship. It assists in defining new policies and programmes that support the development of women entrepreneurship.

  1. Fact Sheet: Empowering Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is a USAID project in Bosnia and Herzegovina that aims for full inclusion of women from across society. It is included in foreign policy of U.S. and its objective includes economic growth and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It aims to develop women as women are agents of peace, reconciliation, democracy, economic development and stability. It works towards promoting gender equality through legal and institutional frameworks. USAID addresses gender equality through democracy and governance and economic growth programs by coordinating with the sections of the Embassy on a mission-wide Women, Peace and Security project.

  1. Sarajevo Business Forum

It is a business forum for the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consist information about the various events that are taking place around the country, information about sponsors, details about various B2B projects. It also consists of latest news regarding women entrepreneurship. It is a complete information portal for aspiring entrepreneurs and people who have successful running business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Association of Microfinance Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It provides support to small and medium entrepreneurship development among the socially backward population and who do not get financial resources from traditional banks. Microfinance targets the people who do not have collateral and have low income or no income. The Association strengthens microfinance sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Microcredit Foundation

It promotes female entrepreneurship by providing them loan and non-financial services especially to women. It has been active since 2000 and was founded by BOSPO which is a local non-governmental organisation that has been active since 1995. It targets women entrepreneurs but also assists male entrepreneurs. Its main mission is to promote entrepreneurship among women in order to develop them economically. It is dedicated to social performance.

  1. Women for Women International

The organization believes in “Strong women build strong nations”. Since its foundation in 1993 it has been delivering undisputed support to women to make them economically and socially sound. It serves women in 8 countries by offering them support, tools and access to life-changing skills in order to transform their poverty-stricken lives into a more stable one through economic self-sufficiency. It is active in the countries that are affected by war and conflict. It helps marginalised women to earn so that they can improve their own health and well-being and also they can active part in decision making in their community. She is being equipped to create sustainable change for herself, her family and community.