1. The Special Envoy for Children and Women

The organisation is primarily working in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation and the National Committee for Families and Children. It advocates for the influence and development of social policies and legislation in defence of women and children, it advocates and implements programs and initiates benefits for children and families and also promotes their rights. It assists entrepreneurs by collaborating with the government and quasi-government bodies to present projects that are in need of financial resources at home and abroad to support government programmes and initiatives for women and children.

  1. UNICEF Belize

Government of Belize partners with UNICEF in the works of promoting education, health and human development among the youth of Belize. It also partners with national youth councils, churches, NGOs and parent support groups etc. UNICEF has started working in Belize in the year 1954 but UNICEF office was set up in the year 1981 and it also gained its independence the same year. Today the organisation focuses on young child survival, education and development, disparity reduction through policy investment and participatory governance and protection of children from violence. It also supports Government of Belize in the implementation of the National Plan of Action for Families and Children (NPA).

  1. Jumpstart FundRiseHER Belize

It is a crowd funding agency that raises funds for women entrepreneurs who wants to set up on their own and gain financial independence. It is a centre for training and development of these women in Belize. The organisation believes that women entrepreneurs are the base of economic development in Belize and hence it is very important to support them with funds and training. It is a seed campaign designed for women as a part of independence celebrations in order to assist growth-oriented women entrepreneurs.

  1. Rise up Belize

It believes in advancement through education. The organisation under the leadership of Joey Garcia supports and promotes educational activities that can benefit children and adults of Belize. It provides Belizeans with resources that support their individual or communal goals of “rising up” into the healthy, successful lives that they imagine for themselves and their families.