1. Wegate

It provides the women with access to finance and introduce women entrepreneurs with stakeholders and investors. It provides women entrepreneurs with access to networks and also provides necessary information about the various mentorship programs and workshops on entrepreneurship. It acts like a platform for online networking, exchange and cooperation among aspiring and current women entrepreneurs.

  1. Professional Women International Brussels

It is a multi-national network that helps women in business and other career women to grow and succeed. It also promotes gender balanced leadership. It is a non-profit organisation and it provides tools and attitudes to women to be leaders. It encourages women to learn and perform and provide with opportunities for contributing in female empowerment.

  1. The European Network of Women Web Entrepreneurs Hub

It is a hub of women entrepreneurs in Europe which coordinates with web entrepreneur’s ecosystems in order to provide dedicated services to women. It seeks assistance from the other WEHubs so that a favourable ecosystem is created for women entrepreneurs. It facilitates knowledge sharing between different women in business and other concerned people like the investors and markets.

  1. Women Entrepreneurship Platform

It is a platform given by European Network Association. It represents, promotes, supports and advocates women entrepreneurs across Europe. It has been working in Europe since 2015. It is a registered international non-profit organisation. It represents women and wants their creative talents to be used in full extent. It wants women to take active part in solving the problems of the society.

  1. European Women on Boards

It is a first tier non-profit organisation that works for promoting and increasing the supply of women on boards. It tries to address the shortfall of women on boards in Europe. It helps the valuable female talent pool and thus connects these innovative women with the market so that they can showcase their talent. It tries to make women competitive and rethink their business models according to the efficiency of the market.