Antigua and Barbuda

  1. Professional Organisation For Women

It works for the empowerment of women by bringing in constructive changes in various aspects of life. It was established in the year 1997 and it serves as a networking and resource group for professional and executive women. it assists the women who are independent thinkers, courageous to speak for the betterment of society. It facilitates personal and professional development of the members of the wider community in Antigua and Barbuda. It fosters entrepreneurial spirits, business acumen and leadership capabilities among women in Antigua and Barbuda. It also fights for gender sensitive legislation and national policies. It fights for inclusion of women at highest levels of policy formation and decision making in both private and public sector.

  1. Inter-church Coordination Committee Development Aid

The locals call it ICCO Cooperation and it was established way back in 1964 on the 30th of December. It has become a name by itself now. The values on which the organisation works are compassion, justice and stewardship. It is a non-governmental organisation that engages in activities that uplift the status of people and help them to live in dignity and well-being. It dreams of a world without poverty. It is a partner organisation to enterprising people and connects them to worldwide local network and helps them to improve their lives by creating better livelihood options. It provides opportunities to people for a viable and sustainable agribusiness value chains so that they can acquire income and produce sufficient and quality food for a balanced diet.

  1. International Youth Foundation: Antigua and Barbuda

It aims at global dedication to the economic and social integration of undeserved youth. It helps the young people of Antigua and Barbuda by providing them technical, vocational and life skills training. This education open up to various employability initiatives and also restores these young people hope in the future. It increases their enrolment and achievement rates in business.

  1. The GARD Centre

The Gilbert Agricultural and Rural Development Centre (GARD) is a training facility for the youth. It provides women with positive entrepreneurial opportunities. It has been working in Antigua and Barbuda for around 27 years and positively changing the face of the youth who are at risk. It works in 19 Caribbean countries especially for women. The work areas are according to the Sustainable Development Goals. It is dedicated towards training and development of youths.

  1. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO)

The CEO of the organization Wendy Diamond is a social entrepreneur and humanitarian. It is a privately owned philanthropic organization that moves with a mission to empower women and girls all over the world. The organisation works to alleviate poverty. The organization invests in social impact, disruptive technologies and women lead businesses. The new movement started by the organisation named #ChooseWomen is an initiative to help the women of grassroots level, the mission is to empower them, celebrate and support them by various means. The organisation believes that when women are elevated financially their communities, states and countries prosper.