1. Women Entrepreneurship Day Organisation

It is a privately owned philanthropic organisation that assists in empowerment of women and girls globally. Its main mission is to alleviate poverty worldwide. It has also started its new international digital campaign named #ChooseWomen which empowers, celebrates and supports women in business all over the world.

  1. Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

It is a trade promotion organisation which tries to empower women entrepreneurs with skills in order to build export capacity to access global markets. Women are significantly given less importance as far as trade is concerned hence the organisation try to make them more export ready. They try to improve the quality of their goods so that they are universally accepted and widely approved.

  1. Caribbean Development Bank

It acts like an agent catalyses development in the region. It works in an efficient, responsive and collaborative manner with the Borrowing Member Countries (BMC). It aims towards poverty reduction through social and economic development. They help the BMCs in using the resources and develop their economies intelligently. They promote private and public investment and encourage the development of the financial upturn in the region. It facilitates business activity and expansion.