1. Anna Lindh Foundation

The foundation brings together inter-governmental institutions and the civil society and the citizens across the Mediterranean for the purpose of building trust and develop on mutual understanding. It has been acting in the Mediterranean region since 2005 and has been impacting education, culture and media. It aims to contribute in the development of the intercultural strategy for the Euro-Mediterranean region. It provides recommendations to decision-makers and institutions and advocates for shared values. It works as a network comprising of 43 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean and bring together around 4000 civil society organizations to spread the values of the foundation.

  1. Catapult: Action for Equality

It works for equality of rights of girls and women. It supports girls and women in transforming their lives and safeguarding their rights. It launches projects for doing the same and these projects reaches millions of girls and women in remote areas who are fighting for their rights. These girls and women are supported so that they can improve their lives.

  1. International Youth Foundation

The organisation has been working for more than 25 years with a focus on assisting young people succeed. It helps the youth to develop leadership, technical and life skills in order to earn a livelihood. It assists the youth in finding jobs, growing business or driving social change. It provides the youth with opportunity to become the change makers and problem-solvers in the society.

  1. Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation

It is a non-profit organization that was started in the year 2014. It is a network of women with an aim of bringing gender equality in Euro-Mediterranean region. It initiates fights for equal rights of men and women and also encourages the women participate in political, economic, civil a social life. It works towards dissolving any kind of violence against women and girls. It encourages a change in attitude among men and women in favour of gender equality.

  1. UN Women Algeria

It is dedicated to gender equality and empowerment of women. It works for accelerating progress of women in Africa. It increases women’s leadership and participation and works for ending violence against women. It also works for enhancing women’s economic empowerment and gender equality is on its main agenda. It also helps the government in national development planning and budgeting.