1. The Association of Organizations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME)

It is a federation of businesswomen associations that was launched in 2002 in Spain. It currently holds 53 member organisations from 24 Mediterranean countries. It acts like a coordinator of European and Mediterranean business and gender equality projects and ground breaking research. It acts like a networking platform for businesswomen and women entrepreneurs from across the Mediterranean and Euro-Mediterranean lobby organisation. The main objectives are strengthening gender equality, empower women economically, promote women entrepreneurship and facilitate women’s access to decision making capabilities in economy.

  1. International Labor Organization

It is a U.N organization that has been established in the year 1919. The main area of work of this organization is to bring together government, employees and workers of all the member state under one umbrella in order to develop labor sensitive policies, labor standards and various programs that can accelerate suitable working environment and quality of work for all men and women. It provides equity in voices raised by workers, employees and government in shaping of policies and programs.–en/index.htm

  1. Anna Lindh Foundation-Euromed

It is an inter-governmental organization that brings together civil societies and citizen in Mediterranean in order to build trust and to improve mutual understanding. The main objective of the foundation is to create an ecosystem in Mediterranean region so that there is mutual respect between various cultures and proper support is provided to civil societies to facilitate development across the regions. It has impacted a lot towards mutual perceptions with respect to education, culture and media. It has a network of around 4000 civil society organization.