Daughters Day Delights!


sheatwork takes the occasion of Daughter’s Day on September 24, to pay tribute to daughters and acknowledge  women to get inspired, so that they are empowered to live their dreams!

Inspire, educate, elevate. That’s what daughters need to follow. Make sure to celebrate with your daughter; her wisdom may far beyond her years, and her compassion and deep understanding of others often help to make her family’s life better day after day.

Girls in today’s society play an equally important role in family life (like the boys).  They create an impact in other areas of life as well. It’s matter of living life to the fullest! My advice would be – be in the moment with your daughter and encourage her to move up in life.

Traditionally, the Indian mindset was tipped towards sons and not daughters. The story in most households was that a male child was often preferred. And these expectations existed in every strata of society – it doesn’t matter whether people are educated or not.

At this point I am reminded of the movie – THE GAME PLAN, where an NFL quarterback – Joe Kingman is happily living a bachelor’s lifestyle. He is a successful football star and has everything – women, money, and a good career. Everything is perfect for him. Then one day an 8 year old girl turns up at his doorstep, claiming to be his daughter from a past relationship. He tries but fails miserably at “parenting.” Eventually though, she gets him, (and his football team) wrapped around her finger! Joe has to play the game of his life and when he’s injured, and his daughter comes out and gets him right back on the field. This highlights the positive influence that daughters can have on their parents and the world around them.

Daughters can take charge and make the world a better place – as entrepreneurs
Daughters can grow up independent and skilled, and can take up entreneurship. Women’s entrepreneurship in India has evolved, and we find a vast majority of women entrepreneurs engaged in running businesses; and they now have a presence in almost all the prominent sectors of the economy. In order to make this transition, female entrepreneurs have worked hard and proved themselves.  We read and hear about the pace of growth of women startups in India.

Need for women entrepreneurs
It adage goes – behind the success of every man is a woman! Today the scene has moved further highlighting the role of women. She works hard, uses all her ingenuity – to succeed, after setting up her own career or business. It is fortunate that their contributions are being recognized now. A strong woman understands that the gift of logic, decisiveness and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection.

Daughters can create a climate to succeed
Daughters do work hard to keep peace and joy in their families. They can be encouraged to become business entrepreneurs. Woman entrepreneurs know how critical it is to have the right people in their core teams. Success is always achieved when you have a team where each and every one has ownership. Teamwork is a crucial part of a business, as it is often necessary for the team to put in their best.

It’s worth the extra effort to find the right employees who believe in your company’s mission.  The big idea should always be solving real problems of people. And, no one knows it better than a woman.

So, encourage your daughter to take the plunge and walk into her own business venture and make it a success!

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