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Indian Business: On an Upward Trend!

India grabbed the 77th rank in the World Bank’s “Ease of doing Business” index which is quite a boost for the NDA government. India for the first time topped among the South Asian countries and stood third among the BRICS.

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Importance of Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

How important is mentoring for people starting off on their own? Did successful people who became celebrated businessmen have mentors? It has been seen that mentoring generally has a positive influence on the person’s – both in terms of performance and success of the business. Tracking history, most successful founders have had mentors. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs. Jobs was mentored by Mike Markkula, who was an early investor and executive at Apple. And Eric Schmidt mentored Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity: A key to success for Women Entrepreneurs

Sheatwork recognizes World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21, 2019

Today bridging the gap between cultures is a reality which is needed urgently. In a world delicate situations surface which are because of subtle cultural differences, the need for unity is paramount, and it is most important for peace, stability and development. This issue is specially important on May 21, 2019 – World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

Mother Market

‘Mother’s Market’: A Matter of Pride for Women in Imphal

North Eastern part of India is not only known for its terrain beauty but also is popular for its matriarchal values, which are ingrained in the people of the hills.

It is heartening to note that households of the hills believe in women empowerment, gender equity and inclusiveness of non-dominant gender in the economic progress of the region. This blog is about celebration of mothers and appreciating what they are capable of.

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Role of Entrepreneurship in Creating Sustainable Families

Sheatwork surveys the role of women entrepreneurship and what is its resounding impact on International Day of Families (May 15)

Highlighting the importance of families as basic units of society and the seriousness of the question of its sustenance is comes into the spotlight on International Day of Families, which falls on 15th May every year.


Shilparamam: Influencing the Handicraft Industry of Hyderabad

The handicraft industry of Hyderabad is quite diverse and unique; it includes jewelry made of pearls, silver-inlaid ‘bidri’ware and wooden carving statuettes. When the handicraft industry flourishes in a state, it needs to have a strong base of artisans and craftsmen. And, the state has to put in an effort and take steps to push this sector. Some of the artisans of Hyderabad have passed down their skills generation to generation and, today the whole family is involved in the craft-making business.

Rural women in Rajasthan

Rural Women Entrepreneurship in Rajasthan

Women in rural Rajasthan can be popularly tagged as that part of the population who remain behind the ‘ghunghat’.  And what exactly is their condition, if you take a closer look?


Creativity & Innovation: Successful Tools for Women Entrepreneurs

Sheatwork takes the occasion of World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID) to encourage women entrepreneurs to use creativity innovatively.

What is creativity? Creativity is the ability to develop new ideas and to discover new ways of looking at problems and opportunities. And, what is innovation? Innovation is the ability to apply creative solutions to problems and opportunities –  to enhance the lives of people or to enrich society.

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What are some challenges to be faced by women entrepreneurs in 2019?

Indian women entrepreneurs are now stepping into a world, where they had not imagined before…

It’s a time for re-imagining for women aspiring to walk into their own business world. Despite challenges that exist, women seem determined to overcome them. Traditionally, the Indian woman was a homemaker, and refined to their homes. But the modern Indian woman is now proudly flaunting a new side to her personality. She appears to be a powerhouse of action. We see her fighting for her rights and making her mark in business, sports, politics, science, the arts and in society by and large. So, it a fitting tribute that Captain Marvel, which was labeled too be more than a superhero film, made an appearance this year!


Achieving gender equality for women entrepreneurs: an uphill task?

Economic empowerment of women is a key factor in achieving gender equality

Today, it can be seen that businesses are flourishing indeed. But, an important point is that with increasing number of businesses being steered by women, entrepreneurship is still dominated by males. In fact, this is the reason why gender gap still persists in entrepreneurship.

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