Women Entrepreneurs - Don't let failures stop you

Entrepreneurs: Don’t let initial failures stop you!

We all face failures at some time or the other in our lives. But, rather than get shattered, take stock of the situation. Since failure is at times, inevitable, we should accept the fact that we will fail at some point in our lives, more so if we branch off on our own.  

Shift from being a 'Mom' to a successful ‘Mompreneur’

Shift from being a ‘Mom’ to a successful ‘Mompreneur’!

Are you a Mom busy with home duties that take up your full time? But at the back of your head, you feel –“What if I could start my own business? So, the idea of transforming from ‘Mom’ to ‘Mompreneur’ has already been sown in your mind. If you become a working Mom, it is like having two full-time jobs. Working under pressure is the norm. But being a mompreneur can be very rewarding job and totally satisfying!

Celebrating International Literacy Day - SheAtWork

Highlighting the importance of ‘Literacy’ on International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day (September 8) highlights the importance of ‘literacy’. It puts the focus on women’s education which can facilitate the building of an ecosystem for women – to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions. The focus is on the literacy for a huge range of individuals, communities and societies. This day also focuses on the need for concentrated efforts towards more literate societies. In fact, the idea of an International Literacy Day was born at the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Eradication of Illiteracy, held in Teheran, Iran, on 8-19 September 1965.

Women Entrepreneurship - Can the Gender gap in C-Suite be resolved

Can the Gender gap in C-Suite be resolved?

We have seen a societal shift for women in the recent past, (in contrast to earlier times). Focusing on this issue, the shift has been in diverse categories ranging from business to media to entertainment – to name a few.

What is the status? Realistically, across the globe it is seen that gender diversity in the business environment is low.  And, specifically in the C-Suite it remains very low. Participation of women in the board of an organisation has been increasing, yet overall, the number of top women executives continues to be low. But, on the positive side, a slow change is noticeable, which is encouraging. And, hopefully, we may soon observe an increase in gender diversity in the C-Suite.  

Patience & Persistence - 2 Ps for a Successful Entrepreneur

The 2Ps for becoming a Successful Entrepreneur: Patience & Persistence

We are familiar with the 4Ps of Marketing but what about the 2 Ps of entrepreneurship?

In the world of marketing, we often refer to the marketing mix, which are the 4Ps – the key factors that are involved in the marketing of a good or service. The 4Ps are reigned in by internal and external factors in the overall business environment.

International Youth Day

Women Entrepreneurs: Take the gamble to achieve your dreams!

On International Youth Day Aug 12, sheatwork encourages young women entrepreneurs to step up and roll out their businesses

It was in 1999 that the UN General Assembly had designated 12 August as the first International Youth Day. It’s an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in change; it poses an opportunity to raise awareness about the problems and challenges that the world’s youth faces.  It also focuses on the cultural and legal issues faced by youth throughout the world.

Traits of a Woman Entrepreneur

Traits of being a strong Woman Entrepreneur

Look around and you can spot extraordinary women achieving the impossible. Women are crossing all boundaries and really shining. There are many stories floating around on their super success which are living proof of woman power. Female entrepreneurs are packing in a lot of action, which is getting noticed and appreciated too.

15 July WYSD 1

Spotlight on Promoting Skill Development & Entrepreneurship on Youth Skills Day

Skill development comes to the forefront on Youth Skills Day (July 15). And, it is important that the Indian Government is going out of its way to promote skills and job creation, which has again featured in a big way in the Budget 2019, that was recently released.

Phulkari, Under the charge of Rural Women in Punjab_1

Phulkari: Under the charge of Rural Women in Punjab

What come to your mind when you think of Punjab? The vibrant colors, electrifying music, flashy turbans and of course, phulkaris. Phulkaris blended into the Punjabi tradition just like Punjab’s colorful culture. To elaborate, it is an intriguing artistic artifact that is exquisite, stylized by a host of attractive designs and bright colors. This developed into a profession, that has also been a source of income for women, who managed the show. 

Annual Budget 2019

Budget 2019: All You Need To Know

Finance Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman presented a Budget with a roadmap for New India, keeping a 10 year vision in mind.

Here are the Budget 2019 highlights: 

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