“Be ready to take risk! Focus your effort and work hard”: Vijaya Eastwood, Founder, CribLife


Ms Vijaya Eastwood is Founder of CribLife, which was started in December 2016. She is a woman entrepreneur, originally from Manipur and she comes with an international background. She is keen to invest and participate in the opportunities she believes the NE of India can offer. Married to Nigel Eastwood, a well known technology investor, international entrepreneur and founder of the 6th largest internet service provider in the United Kingdom, he has also helped develop India’s largest Wi-Fi operator and one of the World’s largest instant messaging platforms with over 200m users. She asserts that she is indeed, interested in contributing to the socio-economic growth of the region. Here are some excerpts:

Q. You are originally from Manipur with an international background. How has this helped you?
Manipur, where I spend 6 years as a young girl is a land of fascinating cultures and traditions. Delhi and the UK is where I live and work now with a good deal of international travel. The combination and exposure to these vastly different places make me appreciate, enjoy and adapt to the ever changing yet very small world.

Q. How did the idea of becoming an entrepreneur come up in your mind? Where has this reached today?
I grew up with a very strong leadership streak and was I guess always very confident of my abilities. I took charge of everything I was involved in. I knew very early on, that I like doing things my way and started my first business when I was 24 years old. Today, I am continually learning and developing and am super-excited with our new venture CribLife, a luxury lifestyle management and concierge business.

Q. What were the challenges faced by you?
Life is full of challenges, I’ve learned to accept them as part of life. The challenging times in life make you more resilient and help you appreciate everyday.

Q. It was reported that you have a keen interest in contributing to the socio-economic growth of the region. How have you achieved this?
The North East is an ignored and forgotten part of this country, and the growth India is enjoying is not shared with the good people of this region. Having said this, it is an area of outstanding natural beauty and with immense potential. I haven’t achieved much towards making a difference but I continue to try in every possible way I can.

Q. What are your future plans?
I plan to continue with what I am doing and in the process touch as many people’s lives and make as much positive contribution in whatever way I can. I am very excited to be part of India’s economic growth and share the world of luxury and bespoke.

Q. What advice would you have for someone starting out new?
Be ready to take risk! Focus your effort and work hard, the first small steps are often the most difficult. Surround yourself with positive people and most of all enjoy the journey!

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