Rekha Parihar (31-5-19)

Entrechat with Ms. Rekha Parihar

“If a lady is not afraid, and has the courage to move ahead and aim for something higher, then nothing is impossible!”

At one point of time, she never dreamed that she would be working on her own and managing her work independently. Ms Rekha Parihar from Pilibhit, in UP today took that vital step when she decided to pull herself up and move out of the confines of her home, and even encourage other women – to join her in her business. She shares with Shree Lahiri the initial problems, how her husband’s support helped from the beginning, her immediate future plans and more… 

  1. How did you think about becoming an entrepreneur?
    I was a housewife and I used to be happy living an easy life – staying at home and spending my free time sleeping. Then it was my husband who pointed out something that actually changed my life. He suggested that instead of sleeping, why don’t I seriously think about something that I could do to keep myself occupied. To be frank, I was scared at the beginning, but he encouraged me all the way.
    I started my business by going around and encouraging ladies to step out of their houses and get involved in some activity that can take care of their wants in life. So, I started the Samaj Seva Shiksha Committee where I went about urging women to start something of their own – like cultivation of mushrooms, creating handicrafts from water hyacinth and products like mosquito repellants from cow dung too. We collect these and sell them at markets like Dilli Haat. The ladies work independently, and we buy the products from them and sell these at haats. We also sell dry mushrooms, wet mushrooms that are cultivated by the women. We have also taken these products to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jabalpur, Chandigarh, Chitrakoot and Gujarat too.
  1. What are some strengths that a woman entrepreneur should possess?
    The daily needs of a woman cannot be always satisfied by a husband’s salary, so to fulfill her needs she needs to start something on her own, which can bring in some income. It is important she should not hesitate to be independent, and must take the risk. She must be hard-working, because that it key to success. She should not be under the pardah, and should be ready to go out of her house and start something of her own.
  1. Could you tell us about the challenges faced by you?
    I started out in 2014 and at that time, it was extremely difficult to motivate women to come out of their houses. They were hesitant and some even said that their husbands would not allow. Now that they have taken the step, they have formed groups to work, according to the location they stay and are independent and growing!
  1. How did you get funds?
    First we used our own funds and invested in providing women training and financial support to start on their own. It’s like taking care of a child, first feed them, help them in every way and then they learn to stand on their own feet!
  1. Do you think the current business scenario encourages women entrepreneurship?
    Yes definitely. If a lady is not afraid, and has the courage to move ahead and aim for something higher, then nothing is impossible! Today everything is possible. She can overcome her fear and also get support. This is applicable to men too, if they want to start something, they will need support.
  1. How do you handle the fierce competition?
    As of now, there is no competition. It competition does come up in the future, I don’t think we will face any problem, because we have enough experience. We also have support from the village MP, who is in favour of women empowerment! 
  1. What are your future plans?
    As of now, we are working in one district – Pilibhit, near Bareilli in UP. We plan to go to other districts too. We hope to go to Uttarakhand and Sultanpur so that we can encourage more women to enter the business world and become independent.
  2. Any tips for someone starting out today?
    They should have confidence to Once she starts, she should continue. Even if she faces  failure, she should not get discouraged or break down, for failure is a part of success!

27 May (Indian Business) 1

Indian Business: On an Upward Trend!

India grabbed the 77th rank in the World Bank’s “Ease of doing Business” index which is quite a boost for the NDA government. India for the first time topped among the South Asian countries and stood third among the BRICS.

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Importance of Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

How important is mentoring for people starting off on their own? Did successful people who became celebrated businessmen have mentors? It has been seen that mentoring generally has a positive influence on the person’s – both in terms of performance and success of the business. Tracking history, most successful founders have had mentors. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs. Jobs was mentored by Mike Markkula, who was an early investor and executive at Apple. And Eric Schmidt mentored Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google.

Be a Femoneyist

Women are making their mark as an entrepreneur, as an executive, as mothers, as business associates and are taking strong decisions everyday. This seminar is organised so that they can tackle money in a simpler manner and more effectively. This workshop will talk upon making better investment decisions. Attend this workshop to grab better money management tools and invest in an intelligent manner.

When:   8th June 2019, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where:   Mumbai

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Indian Women Conventions 2019 – Conference

The Indian Women Conventions 2019 is titled as “Women Making India” and the title says it all. The conference will bring all strong and influencing women together under one roof. The convention is being organised to celebrate the achievements of women and to overcome cultural and social barriers. The convention is organised to realise the hardships faced by women and to learn real life case studies. It is an opportunity to join hands and move forward.

When:   25th May 2019, 10:00am- 5:30pm

Where:   Gurugram

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#SGWomen Leaders

The event has been organised by women entrepreneurs and also for women entrepreneurs. The event will have founders and leaders from Health, Marketing, Technology, Media, Social Entrepreneurship, Angel Investing, Philanthropy, Education, Sustainable Fashion, Plant-based nutrition Suferfoods and other important sectors. This event has been designed to inspire the women who wants to make a mark in the economic sector.

When:   25th May 2019

Where:   Mumbai

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Sudha Agarwal

EntreChat with Ms. Sudha Agarwal

“We strive to provide health benefits to people all over India by our result-oriented herbal products. We also strive to expand and get into exports.”

Sudha Agarwal, started her business way back in early 2000 when she saw positive healing effect of ayurvedic medicines in Chattisgarh. She noticed that allopathy did not provide permanent remedy to people with health problems, they suffer from serious side effects. She shares with Shree Lahiri how she started her own business – Ayurved Health House in 1995 and how she worked hard to keep the business going. Today it is manufacturing more than 100 proprietary and classical Ayurvedic products.

  1. How did you get the idea of starting this business?

I used to see sick people around me and most of them had taken recourse to allopathic medicine, which often left serious side effects. I also remembered my grandmother’s natural medicines that she recommended for any kind of illness. These were more effective and had no side effects. So, I thought why not serve people by giving them good medicines when they fell sick.
Our mission is – “To be recognized around the globe as the essence of true Ayurveda – in its purest form” which is clearly put in our website:

  1. What was the support from your family?

I got full support from my family – from my husband and everyone else. My children being small supported me at their best. My husband helped me a lot and advised me to take on this business. It is because of his able guidance and complete support, both in production and marketing, I had been able to achieve success in business.

  1. Where did you get the funds?

I started my business with small savings that I had done and had further I had taken bank loan to supplement my further requirement for plant & machinery and working capital.

  1. Did you get any training?

Initially Ayurveda was a new subject for me. So I read a lot of ayurvedic texts, had discussions with ayurvedic doctors and vaidyas for development of herbal formulation. We had formed a team and with various trials we were finally able to develop formulations with good results. Today, my daughter is also an ayurvedic doctor, and got gold medal in her finals. I discuss with her for new innovations in Ayurveda.

  1. Are you aware of any government schemes that support women entrepreneurs?

I haven’t taken support of any government schemes. I came to know that government is supporting women entrepreneurs and there are various schemes for them. But most of the schemes are for starting a new business. I would like to know if there is any scheme for expansion and renovation of existing units. I definitely look forward to expand business with government support.

  1. Did you face any problems in your journey?

Definitely, we face various problems in running a business. And being a women entrepreneur marketing is a tuff job for me. Besides in our state there is not much support for local units in government purchase. Moreover, Chhattisgarh being a small state we have to be dependent on other states for procuring packing material, for getting lab test of our products and various other things.

  1. Any achievements of that you would like to share with us?

Our unit got National Award for Best Small Scale Women Entrepreneur from Ministry of SISI Central Government in the year 2002. It was given by Hon’ble Ex Finance Minsiter Jaswant Singh and Hon’ble Ex Industry Minister Vasundhara Raje Sindhia under Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

We received another award in 2014 – State Award for Best Woman Entrepreneur by Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Hon’ble Dr Raman Singh.

  1. Would you like to meet other women entrepreneurs like you, if you get the opportunity?

Yes, I would really like to meet them.

  1. Where do you see your business going in the next two years?

In next two years we would like to expand our presence across India. We also want to expand and get into exports. Already we have customers who carry our products abroad. We also send our products through VPP to most of the parts on India which gives us confidence about its acceptability across nation. If I get some training for improving my online sales, I will definitely take it up as only then we will be able to progress.

  1. How large is your team and how do you motivate your team to do better?

We have around 15 – 20 people for marketing and production consists of around 10 – 12 people. So, a total of around 30 members are there in our team. We inspire them by giving regular perks on the basis of their performance. We also provide residential facility to our employees who are in need for them. Our aim is to build conducive environment for them so that they can give their best.

  1. Tell us something more about your business ?

Our products are GMP (Goods manufacturing Practice) certified are available in various Khadi Stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur and so on.

Our range of products includes – syrups, tablets, capsules, ointment, soap – shampoo, herbal juices and classical medicines like guggul-vati, asav-aristh etc

We manufacture medicines for all age group of any gender. Our range of medicines covers therapeutic indication like – joint pains, gum problems, liver disease, gynecological problem, men’s health, children’s health, digestive issues, obesity, diabetes, piles, blood pressure, cold-cough, and others.

We take part in various National Trade Fairs on regular basis. It gives us good exposure and helps to reach out to new people.

Moreover, we also support the NGO for publication of  a quarterly health magazine “Herbal Health”, which has a circulation all over India, since 2007.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity: A key to success for Women Entrepreneurs

Sheatwork recognizes World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21, 2019

Today bridging the gap between cultures is a reality which is needed urgently. In a world delicate situations surface which are because of subtle cultural differences, the need for unity is paramount, and it is most important for peace, stability and development. This issue is specially important on May 21, 2019 – World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

Mother Market

‘Mother’s Market’: A Matter of Pride for Women in Imphal

North Eastern part of India is not only known for its terrain beauty but also is popular for its matriarchal values, which are ingrained in the people of the hills.

It is heartening to note that households of the hills believe in women empowerment, gender equity and inclusiveness of non-dominant gender in the economic progress of the region. This blog is about celebration of mothers and appreciating what they are capable of.

Empowering Women and Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

It is an event to ignite personal transformation and creating an avenue for motivating new thinking and ideas. The event is aimed for positive development of future of women who dare to dream big.

When:   25th May 2019 – 26th May (10:00 AM onwards)

Where:  Pune

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