September 2018


September 28 is celebrated as “Right to Know Day”, and today this day has become much bigger than a right of access. It now connects with the value of reusing government data in innovative and engaging ways. 

The “right to know” initiative can be traced back to 2002. This marks the time when this movement took a small step, which snowballed into a larger motive – expression of the right to knowledge.

“Women entrepreneurs are creating synergies with other women to get ahead in the game.” Soon after completing Master Degree in Media Science, with a specialization in marketing, Sagarika Dev started her own clothing label ‘Raaika’, the brand which has got the attention of online shoppers. Today, it is growing rapidly to reach an even wider range of audience.  Originally from a small hill station called Haflong in Assam, Sagarika moved to Kolkata 7 years back,…

With majority of Indian population living in villages, the rural terrain still holds on to its own peculiar traditional ethos.

Interestingly, now most regions of the country are connected to cities. But a reality check is that most rural communities still lack modern facilities like education, electricity, proper drinking water, health care, transportation etc.

Teaching the next generation the skills they need to become business leaders and innovators is more important than ever

Imparting entrepreneurship skills to the next generation is very important today.  Whether they are students or children in the family, the big question remains – how can we teach them to build successful businesses? Noticeably, there are also a host of skills that successful business leaders use that they can adopt.

Have you ever wondered what is the long and effort-laden story behind your morning cup of tea that you enjoy everyday?

For us Indians, the day does not take off unless we have our “chai”. And, even during monsoon, the hot combo – a cup of chai and samosa is irreplaceable.

“Being a woman, the first thing that innately comes to us is empathy and the ability to connect to a person.”  Nitu Bajwa Malladi, Nutrition and Fitness Coach describes herself as mother, a fitness freak, a former mountaineer and amateur chef. She shares her story with Shree Lahiri on how she managed to shed loads of fat and took up fitness as her goal in life. Then she worked in a fitness centre and…

September 5 is an important day in India, as we have been celebrating Teacher’s Day on this day, since 1962. The day commemorates the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan, the former President of India, who was a philosopher and a teacher par excellence. And, his  contribution towards the Indian education system is immense.

Having co-founded her company – Katha Pictures just three months ago, Anshu Patni Singhi is all excited about her business venture. In an open chat with Shree Lahiri, she touches on how the idea germinated, her media background, the disruption happening around, getting used to being a woman entrepreneur and more… 1) Tell us a little about your business venture. How long ago did you start up? What has been your motivation/inspiration and what do…

Its an event that has been organized by BFSI bootcamp in partnership with the Economic Times for helping the start ups when they are in early-to-growth-stage. There will be experts who will talk with a mission to empower ambitious and ingenious entrepreneurs in regards to building innovative solutions and utilizing smart finances. When: 20th Sep 2018 9:am-11:00 pm Where: Mumbai

It is a #RaiseMy Startup hunt across Pan India with a goal to boost market visibility for the most promising and early stage startups. There will be panel discussions on the topics like “why Entrepreneurs Struggle” and ” What investors are thinking right now”. When: 22nd Sept 2018 Where: Hyderabad