I would say being a female entrepreneur isn’t easy


The Bombaykery is a self-funded dream project that took shape in October 2015 as a Cloud-Bakery; Pop-up, says Mitali Sahani, Co founder at Head Chef, The Bombaykery. “We started Bombaykery with the aim to provide quality desserts at reasonable prices,” she added as she recalled the starting point of The Bombaykery.


Q. Tell us a little about your venture Bombaykery.

The Bombaykery is a self-funded dream project that took shape in October 2015 as a Cloud- Bakery & Pop-up. It’s a bunch of us that operate/manage The Bombaykery – the three co-founders & partners; MitaliSahani (Kitchen Production/Innovation), Manhar Sabharwal (Finance, Purchase, Logistics) & Karan Sahani (Marketing, Strategy, PR). The owning company name is Two & A Half Bites – owing to the size of the goodies served & the roles of partners. The Bombaykery brand is bold, fun and hipster-like, (not the typical pinks & pastels expected from a bakery/pastry shop); its abstract with a great sense of attractiveness. We started Bombaykery with the aim to provide quality desserts at reasonable prices. You’ll see that the menu revolves around bite-size desserts & savouries; serving up a variety of flavours & textures for everyone to experience. A mix of French & American baking techniques, Bombaykery’s flagship store is now open at DLF Cyber Hub Gurgaon, delivering across Gurgaon, Central & South Delhi. We also specially curate menus & goodies for weddings & corporate soirees.

Q. What was your “light-bulb” moment for the business? Is there a particular inspiration?

The love for desserts coupled with a dearth of quality desserts in the city drove me to conceptualize The Bombaykery. For me, Bombay is home! The brand is kind of an ode to the city. Bombay isn’t just another city, it’s a melting pot of culture, diversity &flavors – it’s a way of life. It’s a big city with tiny spaces that exhuberates experiences. The brand aims to encapsulate these various experiences through its bite-size goodies. The menu also has influences of typical Bombay flavours – Cutting Chai, Filter Coffee, Tender Coconut, Kala Khatta (Blueberry & Blackberry) Paanetc

Q. Do you think being a woman entrepreneur worked to your advantage or brought challenges to your path?

While there are close family and friends that truly continue to support and guide me, I would say being a female entrepreneur isn’t easy. The road-bumps are multiple and faced daily (from internal & external stakeholders) when you are #BossLady. Have come across many situations where tones were not correct and discussions were condescending. But all this just keeps making me stronger.

Q. What would be the top 3 things to watch out for if you’re a woman looking to start her own business?

  • Find the right partner/s is the most critical. If your riding solo – then surely have a sounding board at your disposal  ??
  • Don’t listen to people who say “You Can’t” – Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone’s thoughts bog you down. Be Humble and Stay Hungry; Strive to do better each day
  • Avoid engaging with negative people

Q. How has family support played a role in your being a successful entrepreneur?

Family has undoubtedly been the biggest support during any of my ventures. My strongest support being my husband (who is also my best friend and business partner) always drives me to achieve more and continuously instills confidence in me. Besides that, my parents and close cousins/relatives have always provided structured criticism and have given a helping hand in times of need

Q. What next for Bombaykery and for Mitali?

The road ahead is exciting – new partnerships, new collaborations, new stores, new cities and probably a new country! I would personally/professionally like to create a holistic environment for the bakery world – where I hope to not only serve goodies but also educate and train people in all aspects relating to the bakery business.

As told to Anahita Masters 

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