Startup scene is on the rise in Luxemburg

In the spotlight: Some prominent women entrepreneurs from Luxembourg

What is promising is that Luxembourg’s startup scene is on the rise. A unique mix of global talent, government initiatives and entrepreneurial spirit by women in particular is indeed,revealing great results. It is seen that more women are forging ahead and launching their tech businesses, determined to turn their dreams and ideas into reality.

Entrepreneurship activities in Luxembourg appear to be of high quality, than the EU average. The government of Luxembourg has a number of regulatory measures aimed at supporting new entrepreneurs, as the government is increasingly keen to attract entrepreneurs to Luxembourg; and the focus is to nurture entrepreneurial ambitions among the country’s residents. Hence, they are providing financial incentives and other forms of assistance to encourage them.

Here are some prominent women entrepreneurs from Luxembourg.

> Györgyi (Gira) Szakmár, Founder, CEO, EduGamiTec

eduGamiTec was founded in 2018. eduGamiTec aimed to revolutionize education and increase the positive impact of the gaming industry – by opening a channel in digital games for tailor-made learning content. It is a scalable technology and community platform, at the centre of an educational/media/gaming ecosystem, which allows learners, parents, teachers, publishers, and businesses to easily combine their educational content with games and media content to make the learning experience joyful and motivating.

> IIanaDevillers, Founder & CEO, F4A

Founded in 2017, F4A is a 360 service company fighting food waste in the food supply chain. It happens that tons of food is wasted daily, and unfortunately, it affects the social and economic ladder. This must be dealt with on crisis-mode is something that IlanaDevillers, the CEO and Founder of F4A (Food4All), felt sincerely. So, she came up with a brilliant solution to tackle this issue on a certain level. At F4A, Ilana is responsible for the strategy, development of the business, administrative tasks as well as fundraising.

In fact, her shocking realization was when she uncovered the scandals of food waste in the retail sector. Spotting an opportunity, she started her venture, F4A. On a free and user-friendly app, she connected consumers and distributors to market the unsold products of the day. Her dream to save green is surely having positive results, which again helps to preserve the environment.

> Polina Montano, Co-founder & COO, JOB TODAY

Co-founded in 2014, JOB TODAY is a leading mobile marketplace for casual jobs, that connects employers with candidates in a few seconds. A hiring app, which sets out to bring new levels of efficiency and immediacy to hiring – it meets the demands of a future workforce by being mobile first and delivering immediate results for hiring managers and job seekers.

Today, 75% of hiring for SMEs is conducted offline, and hence, jobs remain “hidden”; and candidates are forced to follow age-old methods of submitting their CVs to local companies (this procedure made recruitment slow and inefficient). JOB TODAY removes friction from the recruitment process for casual jobs. As a result, there is no unnecessary waiting time but rather a quick and transparent hiring process.

> NidhimaKohli, Founder & CEO, BEAUTY MATCHING ENGINE

NidhimaKohli is the Founder &CEO of Beauty Matching Engine™ (BME) and My Beauty Matches™, spearheading the personalisation trend in beauty. She started her career in Investment Banking, looking at Big Data and studying Quantitative Analytics before qualifying at the London School of Beauty.

Besides helping customers find the right products – by saving them time and money and by improving their shopping experience, they also helped beauty retailers and brands increase their revenue, through beauty specific AI software.

Significantly, her solutions are recognised as Top 3 in the world for Beauty AI in various Beauty and Tech publications including Forbes and Vogue, and the unique technology is included in the ‘Best AI Practices Reports’. BME was also chosen at the Retail Week Awards for Best Customer Innovation, and as winner of the Best use of AI for Customer Experience Award at the Data Science Awards 2019.

> Tatiana Nosova, Co-founder, KIDS.CLOUD was co-founded by Tatiana Nosova in 2018, and is a communication and management software designed for facilities for children: nurseries, sport clubs, dance schools and weekend schools. The cloud-based system adapts to the needs of those facilities and is available in five languages. In 2019, obtained the label – “Made in Luxembourg”.

By facilitating administrative work, saves time. The software helps exchange information with parents more efficiently and also connects educators with parents.

> Diane Delava, Co-founder, MATTRVEST

Diane Delava is an entrepreneur who is creative, and she is Co-founder of Mattrvest, which is a venture-backed fintech founded in 2019. It targets millennials and helps them plan, save and invest in what matters to them. By building an ecosystem for sustainable finance they connect millennials with sustainable banking products.

What do they do? They combine smart conversational technology and money management algorithms – to create curated financial journeys which help secure your financial future without harming the planet.

Research reveals that more than 86% of 120mn millennials in the EU want to save sustainably but lack knowhow, education and access to sustainable finance options. Launching Mattrvest to millennials across Benelux and Germany – seems to be the near future plan. She shares that they want “to increase the awareness on sustainable finance and reach out to more than a 100,000 millennials in the EU”.


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