Cashing in on the ‘Big Idea’

In the world of advertising, traditionally the focus has always been on – “big ideas”. And brands cashed in on their unique “big ideas”. Like brand Amul had the Amul girl, the Onida devil, Marlboro had the Marlboro man, Apple reminded us to “Think Different,” and there’s “open happiness” with Coca-Cola, while it was “Youngistaan” for Pepsi. Now, we are exposed



World Bank’s We-Fi initiative: Better Access to finance for Women Entrepreneurs in Africa & the Developing World

Fund raising is one of the biggest challenges for any entrepreneur. Being awoman entrepreneur from Africa, and too of colour, unfortunately just multiplies the challenges.  It has been estimated that only 30% of global registered entities are owned by women; and 70% of women entrepreneurs shut shop due to lack of funds. Not only funding, but lack of


Technology and Women’s Freedom

Even after 70 years of independence you can literally count on fingers the number of successful women across sectors. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw in business, Zia Mody in legal practice, Shikha Sharma, Chanda Kocchar in banking, Vinitha Narayanan in technology, Kiran Bedi in services and maybe some more. Though across sectors there are more women going out to work, often performing better than their male counterparts in jobs across media,



Fostering Women’s entrepreneurship in South Africa

A recent report by Sage Foundation recognizing the contribution that Fostering Female Entrepreneurship in South Africa can make to the country’s economic progress, and the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in the country, comes at poignant timing. On August 9, South Africa celebrated its National Women’s Day, in commemoration of the day in


Delhi in top 50 global cities to attract and support High Potential Women Entrepreneurs

Being a woman entrepreneur requires not only the support of one’s family, but an entire ecosystem of investors, policy makers, talent, market, culture and technology. As it turns out, some cities are more open and inclusive in this respect and hence are more probable to nurture women entrepreneurs and help them scale flourishing businesses.

DELL’s recent Women Entrepreneur Cities Index 2017 report that ranks global cities on their


5 things to NEVER say to a Woman Entrepreneur

“Great! Now you can take it easy”

NOT. We all know that starting off one’s own venture is nothing easy. If anything, it means double the time, double the work, and double the pressure to perform. Of course, it’s also much more rewarding (personally and maybe financially) once it kicks off, but it’s NEVER “easy”.

“Aah! Nice. Making time to plan a family?”

HELL NO. The two are completely unrelated, and may or may not coincide, if at all. Ever

Women Entrepreneurship – The Answer to Economic Progress

A recent report from the World Bank cites a worrying statistic of a falling rate of Female Labour Force Participation (FLFP), ranking India 121 out of 131 nations, followed only by Pakistan in South Asia. Aptly titled “Precarious Drop”, the report notes a significant drop in women’s participation in the workforce from 42.7% in 2004-05 to 31.2% in 2011-12. What this translates to, is about 19.6 million women and girls having dropped out of the workforce


GST: Is it Really Good and Simple?

Many things become cheaper & many dearer! That’s Your Good & Simple Tax!

It has been just over a week since the start of the revolutionary tax reform Goods and Services Tax (GST). There has been no `chaos’ so far as many had expected and many businesses which missed the deadline are migrating to GST. For most consumers it’s a mixed bag – if eating out has become more expensive, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) have

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